Pipe Line Services

Fiafi Group has been providing all its services in the region from its head office in North Rumeila Oil Field, Basra, Iraq.

Fiafi Group can provide its clients with the following activities.


(A) Cleaning of Pipelines and Storage Tanks
(B) Pipelines & Station Maintenance
(C) Pipeline Hydrotesting and Drying
(D) Geometrical Survey
(E) Leak Testing / Commissioning / De commissioning
(F) Nitrogen / Helium Leak Testing / Nitrogen Purging, Mothballing, Dry & Wet preservation
(G) Fabrication of Launcher / Receiver and High Pressure Manifolds
(H) Inspection of Tanks / Engineering Services / Defects Assessment
(I) Pipeline / Tank Rehabilitation
(J) Pipeline Integrity Management
(K) Pig & Piping Accessories Sales
(L) Personnel Support for OPCO and Contractor
(M) Project Management Consultancy, staffing and recruitment services
(N) Chemical Cleaning on HRSG, Boilers, Furnace, Heat Exchangers and Process Piping
(O) Flushing, Chemical Cleaning and Water Treatment for District Cooling & Chilled Water Piping
(P) Filtration Flushing of Lube Oil & Hydraulic Oil Systems (NAS 6 Cleanliness)
(Q) Jet Fuel/Hydrant Pipeline Pressure Testing and Flushing
(R) Steam Blowing